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Here's The Deal With Those Crystal Water Bottles That Are All Over Instagram

You may ask: “What good use would a crystal water bottle give me?” And that’s a good question. Well, besides the fact that they look pretty, the spiritual use of crystal’s wasn’t recently discovered. Crystal’s can even be traced back to Ancient times when they used it for protection and abundance. They’re not just trendy accessories but valuable gems that can improve your life!

Here are 5 reason you need a Lucidskins crystal water bottle ASAP: 

  • Crystals have the power to protect, give you abundance, and attract love. Since crystals hold all kinds of different energies, and since water is a cleansing source to purify your crystal, combining the two can create powerful and appealing results!

  • Crystal water bottles are effective just by simple looking at them!

  • It is appealing and convenient! With Lucidskins crystal water bottles you can switch crystal’s easily and keep them purified and keep yourself surrounded by the enhanced vibrations that each crystal has.


Article by SonderCo

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