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Caring For Your Crystal Pipe: Cleaning & Clearing Negative Energy


Crystal pipes, like any other smoking device, need to be regularly cleaned depending on your smoking habit. What differentiates crystal pipes to your other tools is that it contains an innate energy. Crystals are natural products of the earth, and have vibrations of their own that emit a unique energy. Not only should you clean the pipe physically, but it might also be a good idea to clear the negative energy it might have captured.  


Hands-On Cleaning: You've used your pipe for a while now and it might start getting a little clogged. Use a pipe cleaner to clear out the residue by inserting it through the mouth piece and into the canal. To avoid build up, and depending how much you smoke, you might want to use the pipe cleaner every few days or once a week. You can even run our pipes under hot water for a minute or two as an extra bath.

What's great about the stainless steel filters is that your bowl will not get gross and clogged as long as you empty it somewhat regularly. Leaving residue in the filter for a week will definitely make it a pain to clean, so be sure to empty your filter after usage. We recommend changing filters every month or so depending on usage. You can find replacement filters here.

Clearing Negative Energy: Negative energies built up in crystals can sometimes weaken its healing power. Therefore, it is important to "cleanse" the crystal pipe in order to restore its original energy. Soak or run your pipe under water for a few minutes, then lay it out in the moonlight overnight to recharge it. The moon will do the rest for you! To further enhance the energy after a cleanse, feel free to charge it with an intention related to the crystal. For example, you might charge an amethyst stone with balancing/grounding powers with an intention of stress relief from work.  

We see smoking as a way to elevate and heal oneself. The addition of crystal and its energy can further create an enlightening experience! Click here to explore our crystal pipe collection.